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DLW Cricket 2005C

AGA Reg#1335771

48% Balancer

We can't say enough good things about this bull. He gets a pasture to himself as the exclusive sire. Calves have exceptional phenotype with outstanding perfromance!

Basin Payweight 1682.jpg

Basin Payweight 1682

AAA Reg#17038724

Purebred Angus 

Outstanding all-around Angus bull. Sire of High Selling Balancer Bull in Spring 2018. Gorgeous females with perfect udders and exceptional feet. 


GAR Ashland

AAA Reg#18217198

Purebred Angus

Extremely popular AI Angus sire. His first calf crop at GBG is the epitome of where performance meets phenotype! 

GRU Breakout 511B

AGA Reg#1301523

50% Balancer

This bull took our cow herd to the next level as a Calving Ease sire with the carcass traits to build a foundation in our cowherd.

EGL Day Money D047 ET

AGA Reg#1372736

50% Balancer

A great Red Balancer sire that adds some great phenotype and growth in his progeny. 

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GRU Early Encounter 536E

AGA Reg#1402047

44% Balancer

Semen available upon request

High Selling Balancer Bull in Spring 2018 at $23,000

First calf crop is incredible. Look for more great things from this bull in the future!

GRU John 316C

AGA Reg#1335221

50% Balancer

Semen Available through Cattleman's Connection


Incredible females with exceptional udders. Bulls are high growth and MARB bulls which increase profitability!


GRU Elevate 343E

AGA Reg#1402948

50% Balancer

Half brother to GRU Early Encounter

First calf crop is looking very good. Look forward to watching his progeny progress!

GRU Draftman 334D 

AGA Reg#1368193

63% Gelbvieh

Made a tremendous impact in our herd for the two short years around. He is now deceased, take full advantage of his genetics when you can!


GRU Mr Declaration 672

RAA Reg#4020018

Red Angus

High Selling Red Angus bull in 2019 sale. Unique combination of phenotype and performance for the Red Angus breed! Mother has a tremendous udder and excellent foot shape. 

Deep End.jpg

Bieber Deep End B597

RAA Reg#1694338

Red Angus

His first calf crop at GBG looks to be outstanding. Calves are thick made and have an outstanding look!