Grund Beef Genetics started as a commercial cow/calf operation over 60 years ago. The ranch is located near the western Kansas town of Sharon Springs, KS.  The Grund family understands the challenges for a ranch family and believes in the value of searching for cattle that add profits to the bottom line.  In the 70’s, the Grunds’ began crossbreeding their cowherd to add more pounds of beef and more profits.  As a commercial cow/calf operation in the 1980’s, Layal, Donna and their family began searching for a breed of cattle to add to an Angus x Charolais cowherd.  The goal was to find a breed of cattle that maintained performance while adding maternal and fertility traits.  The Gelbvieh breed was selected as a perfect match to use on our crossbred Angus x Charolais cows.  Research from the USDA – Meat Animal Research Center showed that the Gelbvieh breed was superior in fertility, milk and performance.  The 1980 data is still relevant today.  Gelbvieh cattle still rank #1 of all beef breeds in weaning more pounds per cow exposed.

Our Growth

In the 90’s, the Grund operation continued to maintain a commercial cow/calf operation while building a purebred Gelbvieh cowherd. Our commercial operation has always incorporated the benefits of Angus and Gelbvieh genetics. In the mid 90’s, the Grund operation noticed that our commercial Angus x Gelbvieh cows maintained their longevity and weaned heavier calves than purebred cattle. We began mating Angus and Gelbvieh genetics to produce bulls that would offer the best of two great breeds. The Gelbvieh strengths of maternal traits, fertility and performance matched with the Angus traits of calving ease, fleshing ability, and carcass traits.
Today our operation runs 400 head of cows. Approximately 200 head are commercial while 200 head are seedstock for female and bull sales. Our operation breeds over 90% our cows to A.I. sires with a emphasis on calving ease, moderate frame, with above average performance and carcass traits. We don’t lose sight of the #1 profit trait – FERTILITY. We know if your cows don’t breed, you don’t make money.

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In the late 90’s our operation began to concentrate on producing Balancer genetics for the commercial cattleman. A Balancer is a Gelbvieh x Angus animal with documented EPD’s, birth weights, weaning weights, and etc. The Balancer cattle have become popular in the beef industry due to their profitable traits. We took a different approach in producing Balancer genetics. Here’s the difference: Many Gelbvieh breeders went and purchased a set of average Angus cows and mated these cows to their herdsire. Grund Beef Genetics has taken our TOP GELBVIEH cows and mated these cows to highly proven Angus and Red Angus sires that are backed by solid proven EPD’s that were based on thousands of progeny. With those pedigrees, we feel our Balancer genetics are more predictable and proven than most in the industry. In 1999, we incorporated purebred Angus genetics to our operation. The Angus line has produced offspring from some of the most popular Angus genetics in the business.

Our Future

We provide our customers with quality purebred Gelbvieh and Angus bulls they can use in their commercial program for hybrid vigor. Our operation now can supply our bull customers Balancer, Gelbvieh, Red Angus and Angus genetics. Customer service is top rate. Join our list of satisfied customers that top the market with their calves while having a top rated cowherd.

Grund Beef Genetics- A Rich Family Ranch History