You may be wondering, "What is a Balancer?"

A Balancer is a Gelbvieh x Angus cross animal with documented pedigree, EPD's,
and performance records just like a purebred Gelbvieh or Angus.

Why should I use a Balancer?  During the 1990's until today many commercial cattlemen have tried to incorporate crossbreeding in their program and were disappointed with uniformity, color and the hassle of rotating bulls or different breeds on their cowherd. The Balancers where designed to keep crossbreeding easy while continuing to see the benefits of hybrid vigor.  Balancers can be bred to purebred/straightbred commercial cattle and crossbred cattle. Balancers blend an optimal mix of British and Continental
genetics. The design of the Balancer program ensures that you will not lose hybrid vigor as long as different bloodlines are introduced generation after generation.

It's easy and simple. Keep crossbreeding Angus and Gelbvieh genetics generation after generation while introducing different bloodlines to maintain heterosis.

Why should I raise crossbreed cattle?

  1. Increased Fertility and Longevity: Crossbred cattle consistently have higher breed up rates than purebred cattle of any breed. This is especially true among older and younger cows. According to the USDA Meat Animal Research Center a crossbred cow typically raises almost 2 more calves in her lifetime than a straight bred cow.

  2. More Pounds Weaned: Balancer or crossbred cattle wean more weight. A commercial cow typically milk more than a straightbred female while maintaining better body condition scores. According to USDA Meat Animal Research Center crossbreeding adds an 8% increase in actual weaning weights when compared to straightbreds.

  • Increased fertility, longevity and more pounds equals MORE PROFIT!


Grund Beef Genetics started raising Gelbvieh over 20 years ago.  Our search was to make a complete/all around female that added profits to our bottom line. According the USDA Meat Animal Research Center Gelbvieh rank high in profitability traits. Gelbvieh still rank #1 in the beef industry for pounds weaned/per cow exposed, along with shortest age to puberty, and weaning weight. Gelbvieh ranks first in combining fertility and growth, which are the two most economically important traits in beef production.

Why should I use Purebred Gelbvieh cattle?

  1. Increase pounds weaned per cow exposed: Fertility has long been the profitable trait in the beef industry. Gelbvieh cattle are extremely fertile and rank #1 in the beef industry for fertility. Use Gelbvieh to incorporate fertility traits in your cowherd.

  2. Increase weaning weights: Gelbvieh cattle grow extremely fast and rank #1 in the beef industry for actual pounds weaned compare to other beef breeds. Gelbvieh cattle tend to mature faster than many beef breeds and due to maturity the Gelbvieh cattle are very moderate framed cattle that have average yearling weights. When compared to Charolais and Simmental a
    Gelbvieh typically weighs more at weaning and less at yearling. Use Gelbvieh to increase weaning weighs especially if you market calves at weaning or 45 days after weaning. 

  3. Disposition and maternal traits: Gelbvieh cattle have a reputation of being easy going cattle. Good mother ability with milk and fertility traits explain the Gelbvieh mama cows.

  4. Carcass traits/Yield Grade: Gelbvieh cattle continue to rank in the top of the beef breeds for percent retail yield or yield grades. Angus typically add carcass quality but don't add muscle to obtain premiums for yield grade. Remember Yield Grade is red meat and Gelbvieh is a leader in the beef industry.


Grund Beef Genetics has always incorporated Angus genetics in our commercial cowherd. Angus excel in calving ease, fleshing ability and carcass quality. Angus cattle continue to dominate the beef industry due to the successful Certified Angus Program and their quality meat. 

Why should I use Angus cattle?

  1. Decreased birth weights: Many cow-calf operations are tight on labor and do not want to experience calving problems. Angus cattle are backed by the biggest database of any beef breed. More data leads to more predictable EPD's. Angus cattle selected with proven pedigrees can lead to easy calving.

  2. Fleshing ability: Angus cows may not wean the biggest calves when compared with Gelbvieh cattle but the cows tend to stay in better flesh during lactation. Easy fleshing cattle tend to require less inputs/feed.

  3. Carcass Quality: Angus lead the industry in high quality beef. Choice, CAB, and Prime carcass cattle usually have Angus in their genetics. Angus add marbling quality to the carcass.